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Congratulations to Energy and Built Environment included in DOAJ!

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Congratulations to Energy and Built Environment included in DOAJ!


Energy and Built Environment (ISSN: 2666-1233) was founded by Southwest Jiaotong University, co-edited by Prof. Yuan Yanping and Prof. Fariborz Haghighat who served as the editor of Sustainable Cities and Society and a famous overseas teacher of the State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs of Southwest Jiaotong University.

EBE aims to share the latest original achievements of clean energy utilization, energy efficiency improvement and quality improvement of artificial environment.


EBE has set up the Academic Newcomer Award, which is held simultaneously with the International Conference on Energy and Artificial Environment of Chinese. From the second session, it is only for EBE authors.


Energy and Built Environment (EBE) welcomes scholars in relevant scopes to contribute actively. All articles will be subject to strict peer review. Once employed, the full text of articles will be freely available in ScienceDirect database.


The scopes include but are not limited to:

l  Energy conservation and balances in built environment

l  Energy storage technologies and their applications to the built environment

l  The application and integration of renewable energy technologies in built environment

l  The evaluation and control of indoor environment quality (acoustic, visual, thermal and air quality)

l  The impact of climate change on built environment performance

l  Modelling and prediction technologies for built environment


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