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About Us

Establishment of ISEBE

ISEBE is an international, interdisciplinary, non-profit and academic-oriented organization founded in 2020, which remains strongly committed to support the utilization of clean energy and the creation of healthy, comfortable and productivity-encouraging built environment.


 Mission and vision of ISEBE

Mission statement

ISEBE serves all the individuals and organizations around the world in energy harvesting and utilization in the built environment, and is the trusted voice for disseminating original research results and information exchange.

Vision statement

ISEBE tries to inspire a global community to innovate for a better future of human beings, and will be universally recognized for the contributions of improving global energy conditions in technology and professionals.


Areas ISEBE focused on include:

● Energy conservation and balances in built environment

● Energy storage technologies and their applications to the built environment

● The application and integration of renewable energy technologies in built environment

● The evaluation and control of indoor environment quality (acoustic, visual, thermal and air quality)

● The impact of climate change on built environment performance

● Modelling and prediction technologies for built environment


Activities of ISEBE include:

● Publication of a high profile journal, Energy and Built Environment, which reports original research results in the broad area defined by the energy utilization and improvement of built environment.

● Publication of a Newsletter which carries news and information.

● Organizing Energy and Built Environment series as primary Society conferences. 

● Organizing workshops to encourage collaboration between researchers, scientists and industry from different countries.

● Encouraging high quality research and development work by giving ISEBE Innovation Awards to top researchers.

● Assisting the commercializing of new technologies developed by universities and private individuals.

● Assisting industry and individuals to attract grants to develop new technologies.