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Call for Nominations: Energy and Built Environment Outstanding Youth Award 2021

Application and Selection Rules

The EBE Outstanding Youth Award is established by the International Journal of Energy and Built Environment (EBE), for which participants will be judged by the committee of International Conference for Global Chinese Academia on Energy and Built Environment. Free to participate, all young talents are encouraged to apply.

1.Selection principle

Adhering to the principle of "multiple evaluations, openness, and transparency," priority will be given to funding young scholars and doctoral students who have achieved innovative results in energy and built environment related fields and have recognized scholarly promise.

2.Application requirement

All nominations are confined to authors of EBE (authors in any order are acceptable, including authors of the articles under review). Four categories of the award (i.e., Outstanding Young Scholar Awards, Outstanding Young Scholars Nomination Awards, Outstanding Doctoral Candidates Awards, and Outstanding Doctoral Candidates Nomination Awards) are settled, and the number of each award is set to be 3. Scholars within eight years of doctoral graduation (the calculation period is from the defense date to the application deadline) are qualified to apply for the Young Scholar Group. Meanwhile, doctors who have not yet defense on the application deadline are qualified to apply for the Doctoral Candidates Group.

3.Application procedure

All nominations should fill in the application form (for the application materials, please see the official website of the conference: and submit the relevant supporting materials (including the full text of the paper, patent certificates, award certificates, and third-party evaluation materials, etc.) to the conference email: Please indicate "EBE Outstanding Youth Awards + Young Scholar/Doctoral Candidate + name" in the subject of the email.

Application deadline: March 31, 2021

4.Evaluation method

Two rounds of double-blind communication review are adopted.

In the first round, no less than 60 academic committee members and industry experts will conduct a double-blind communication review. The Young Scholars Group and the Doctoral Candidates Group will select six candidates, respectively, and the candidates will be announced.

In the second round, 15 experts will conduct a double-blind communication review. According to the results of the evaluation, the winners will be determined. The list of experts and winners will be announced in the end.

5.Awards setting

At the International Chinese Conference on Energy and Built Environment 2021, the organizing committee will present 

1). certificates and a ¥20,000 award per person to the Outstanding Young Scholars Award recipients,

2). certificates and souvenirs to the Outstanding Young Scholars Nomination Award recipients,

3). certificates and a ¥10,000 award per person to the Outstanding Doctoral Candidates Award recipients,

4). certificates and souvenirs to the Outstanding Doctoral Candidates Nomination Award recipients.

This rule is interpreted by the Energy and Built Environment editorial office and will be implemented from the date of issuance.

Editorial Office

Energy and Built Environment

September 29, 2020